Tuesday, May 12, 2009

How we spent Mother's Day

The kids and I met up with grandma and spent the day on the Greenbelt at Ann Morrison Park. We had a picnic, went on a walk and went out for ice-cream at Wendy's! Later that day we all played frisbee... well they played and I took pictures (as usual!)

By the end of the day I actually wore my kids out and all of them were past out in the van (yes I drive a van don't laugh) before we even got back home. It was one of the best Mother's Day ever! I just love spending time with my family and my camera! :D

I wish I could take credit for this photo but I can't. I don't usally like pictures of myself but after some major photo editing I decided that this is now one of my favorites! My little sis took this and she did a great job focusing on this pic.
Me and my two favorite boys! Don't look at the belly please... I didn't realize sitting down made all my fat roll over my jeans! I look fine standing up though! :D
Madison picked me some pretty weeds for mothers day!
Me and my mommy! Aren't we hot? :D
MAdison fell asleep during the walk and was blowing bubbles with her spit while sleeping... too cute!
My little monkey! Ryan never lets me take pictures of him... he gets so mad when I do and will sometimes throw a fit... but this time he stopped to pose! (By the way if you look you can see my beautiful and totally stylish van inthe background.... )
Madison was clapping! She was so happy to be playing
She loves the swings.
Here is Jacob my little climber!

This picture was totally fun to edit! Here is Madison peeking out of the tube. One of my favorite photos of the day!
Here is Courtnee riding her blades

Here is Ryan trying to roller blade... I went to take a picture of him blading and he fell... I love this photo right before he fell and skinned up his hands!
Hey for an old women she can still hang! (Just kidding mom!)
Here is our big little baby.
Still throwing around the frisbee! I love sun glares on photos!

Pictures are so much better then words... so this is short and sweet!


Melissa said...

So glad you enjoyed your mother's day! Great pic's and oh my goodness you are so tiny...and beautiful at that! Your little girls is a doll too!

Amy said...

What fat? I just read your profile that you are pregnant. How is that going? So your pregnant...WITH TWINS??!!

Hey, what church are going to now?

Taylor said...

Great pictures, I love all the different editting!Sounds like you had a fabulous Mothers's Day! You look beautiful and LOL about worrying about the belly! Women get them when thet are pregnant LOL!!!

Dea said...

Awesome, glad to have another blogging friend! And i completely understand, I delete so many to! I am so picky about pictures anymore, lol. And your pictures are wonderful! Sometimes I think being self taught is better than going to school for it! I love the picture with they colored eyes, and the last one is awesome as well! nice shots!

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