Thursday, May 14, 2009

My new cleaning toys!

I was suckered into one of these Shark Steam mops on an "if" commercial! I don't usually buy into these things but anything has to be better then my swiffer! The chemicals are expensive and the pads are too! I hate having to worry about the batteries... I know I am a big baby... because 10 years ago people were using mops and buckets but convenient cleaning is the best with three kids.

I have boys and they frequently miss the toilet... I always wondered how much yuckies were on my floor. Iwas one of those moms that used to put a rug around my toilet until TLC said it was a discusting no no and that if anyone has one in there house it is just a bacteria holder... Made sense so I rid of my rug around the toilet.

This is supposed to be a miracle cleaner. I will let you know after I joyfully go clean my old white vinyl floors. I am so excited to try this out!

While I was at Fred Meyer they had steam cleaners on clearance 50% off. I got this Hoover Steam Cleaner for 90 dollars. It was a incredible deal! I am so excited... I just can't wait to clean my couches and my dining room chairs and my mattresses and pillows! I know it's lame but it is still exciting. I must be pregnant... I always want to clean my house when I am pregnant... I don't know why. I am off to clean now and I am going to do it with a smile on my face!


Melissa said...

let me know what you think! I just removed my toilet rug!!!

Amy said...

We have one!! They are great! We also have a Scooba that is worth the money. We turn it on and leave and it mops the floor for you. I like that because with my boys, I don't have time (or the back) to mop.

Taylor said...

I can't wait to hear your review. I qwas contemplating getting one myself. My floors are dark hardwood and you can see everything on them, even footprints!

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