Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Friday was my "Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day!"

Friday is a day I wish never happened. It was a babysitters nightmare.

I was watching Olivia and we left out the front door to go pick up my son from school. As always she is trailing behind me and as I reach my husband who is in the front yard shoveling permabark into our flowerbeds with headphones on I yelled "Josh I'm leaving!" pretty loud so he could hear. I think I startled him because he had his back to me and he turned around suddenly and as he turned to look at me the shovel hit Olivia in the head.

She immediately fell backward. I immediately grabbed her and ran into the house. I didn't know at that point how bad the injury was. She was crying and I just buried her head into my chest letting her cry for a moment before I looked at the injury... when she calmed down I looked at the eye and to my surprise it wasn't as bad as it could have been.... but it was still a quarter sized cut right above her eye.

What scared me the most was if it had hit her an inch lower it could have been her eye. Now my next fear was how do I tell Olivia's mom that her daughter got hit in the eye with a shovel! I was so worried about what she would say and if she would be mad at me. It just all happened so fast and I did not ever expect something like this to happen.

So I called her mom and told her the story. We both decided that it would be best to bring her to her place of work and let her look at the cut herself. She thought the cut was fine but she had me bring her to an urgent care clinic for a tetnis shot. I couldn't believe how calm and collected her mom was. It was inspiring because I think I would have panicked! In fact I was panicking when I called her to tell her what happened. She said that accidents happen and she knows her daughter is in good care and wasn't ever concerned with the safety of her child. It was words that I needed to hear at that time. I really needed to hear that because I was so upset over her daughters injury. I just felt so horrible.

I took some pictures of her injury. This beautiful little innocent face has this bright red cut above her face. I pray it heals without scarring... Boys love their war scars.... girls don't....


Whimsical Creations said...

omg...I watch my friend's kids all the time and that is one of my biggest fears.

Taylor said...

That must have been scary for you. I would have been really nervous calling her mother too. Sorry it happened but like her Mom said "accidents happen". When I was one and a half I had a bigger cut than that on my face and if I hadn't seen the pics myself I would never have known it happened, no scar at all. I'm glad atleast part of your day was good. Those aprons are so cute!

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