Saturday, May 16, 2009

Our Saturday so far...

The weather is beautiful here today and the kids and I played outside for a short while. I got some pictures of Madison and Olivia playing in the grass! They are so precious!

This morning Josh made us french toast for breakfast. These last couple of Saturdays Josh has been making us breakfast.

This is short and sweet but I hear the girls fighting in the living room so I better tend to them before they pull each other's hair out! :D

Here is Olivia and her super adorable cowboy hat her mommy had her in today.
Just roaming around
She is sooooo photogenic! Every picture she takes is incredible! Her eyes are the most beautiful things in the world.
Madison and her new baby giraffe she got from the zoo the other day.
My little monkey climbing in the tree
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I will try and blog later this week. I have been so busy this week.


Melissa said...

Oh my goodness...where did you get Madison's CUTE dress??? She is so cute and so is her little friend Olivia...what a fun photo op!

Dea said...

What great pictures you got! Such cute little girls!

Dea said...

Thank you! And thats a good trick, if I could miss school I would so use that!

Anonymous said...

The second and 4th pics are my favs. Nicely done. :)

B Dad

Taylor said...

I agree! Her dress is adorable! I love the red and blue bows too, very sweet! What's cuter than 2 tiny blond girls?!

Kristin said...

This is my first visit to your blog and I have enjoyed my time here! You have a beautiful family!

iHeartFaces said...

Hi Steph,

What a huge bunch of cutie-pie photos! I'm actually stopping by because I was wondering if you would mind sending me an email at iheartfaces AT hotmail DOT com. I'd like to ask you a question. :)


co-founder of iHeartFaces

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