Thursday, May 28, 2009

I am camera less!

I finally made the leap to a new camera. I had thousands of dollars invested in Olympus but always wanted to invest into Canon or Nikon. When I decided I wanted a new lens I figured it was time to quit putting more money into Olympus and finally get the camera I want!

The Olympus E-500 was my starter camera before I ever realized how much fun photography would be. So over a 4 year period I aquired 4 lenses, two cameras, flashes, filters, tripods... extra batteries etc. Now I am completely starting over.

My husband says I'm crazy... I say he doesn't understand. I also ask him if he REALLY needs 4 drills in the garage, 3 ladders, and a leaf blower that he just purchased because he is too lazy to sweep up the leaves... LOL! So that quited him up! He then asked me if this would finally make me happy with my camera and quit having the urge to upgrade! I said..ummm no! I will always want the newest thing, I am always going to want the newest lens! I tried to explain to him that a camera is like a computer... after a few years it becomes a dinosaur and by digital "law" you are required to upgrade! :D He just doesn't understand! I am probably going to let him keep my starter camera and teach him how to use it. Maybe then he will appreciate photography...

So for now I dream about getting this camera in the mail. It shipped out yesterday... until then... I have no camera... and nothing to do in my spare time!


Jules said...

That is so fun! My husband is the same way. I just got a point and shoot canon A590 for Christmas, because my point and shoot Kodak was dying. I got the best camera for the price, we couldn't afford more than a point and shoot, but he knows that my ultimate goal is a Nikon D90. He hates that I bought the canon and I am planning on upgrading as soon as I can. He doesn't understand the quality difference. Its silly, but I wear the pants usually when it comes to our purchases though, because I save up for things and that makes it so he can't say anything about
Thanks for showing me this blog too, I am excited to follow it also. So you are getting the Nikon D60?
I am saving my student fees for my new camera and the only reason I want the D90, is because I have seen somebody elses, and I know its a good camera, but I am curious about the D60. What were your choices and reasons when you chose it? I am hoping to have enough money to get mine by the end of the year, so I want to shop around a lot before then, but I am pretty convinced I want a Nikon.
p.s. You have a realy cute family!

Melissa said...

Mmmm! I would LOVE to get a Nikon! I am debating on wether I should save for new lenses for my Sony, or save a ton more and get a Nikon.....? Time will tell, I guess!

I can't wait to see all the great pics you're going to be sure to post once you have that new camera in hand! :o)

Dea said...

Congrats! I have been working towards one of these as well, I want a Nikon so bad! Which one are you getting and why did you pick that one? I am having a hard time deciding which model i want to get and maybe your reasons will help! =]

Taylor said...

Congrats on the new camera! I have a sony a100 that we bought years ago. I have a big flash and 2 lenses for it. I would love a Nikon but since I'm not a professional I just can't justify starting all over again LOL. However, that hasn't stopped me from bugging hubby for the newest Sony a900 LOL!! I can keep dreaming.

Can't wait to see all the new pics you take with it.

Melissa said...

Oh Good for you! You will love it and take a zillion photos the first day or two! You might wanto to by a flash drive to store all your pic's on also so that it doesn't slow puter down!

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