Monday, May 4, 2009

Our weekend

Our weekend just wasn't long enough. It poured rain most of the weekend so we had to try and entertain the kids with indoor activities. Friday night the kids and I just rented a Wii game and I watched the boys battle it out on Mario Baseball. I had a migraine so I wasn't up to doing much.

Saturday our intentions were to get the kids out of the house and go do something... but it just never happened. My husband spoiled me with a great big breakfast and lunch so I felt like lounging around and doing nothing. We rented Despereaux for the kids and they loved it. It was a cute movie. Plus it rained all day so what else was there to do... Lazy Saturday Rain Days.... it kind of goes well together! Here are some pictures I took driving in Meridian though. I take that back... my husband was driving while I hung my head out the window. The clouds were so beautiful and the grass was so green! I love rainy days and pictures!

This was taken on cherry lane road coming from Nampa. The clouds were so amazing!

Farms are so pretty... I want to live on a farm.... :D

I did this one with a watercolor effect because the cows were blurry since we were driving. But I think it still turned out really neat!

This is out of the windshield... I gave it a dark and dramatic look!

Sunday we planned on going to the Gatti circus but while I was researching the times I came across a fact sheet about the circus and it really dissappointed me how horrible they treat their animals. Maybe I am naive but Josh says that most circuses aren't known for taking good care of their animals because it is so expensive to treat them, but it made me not want to go.

This is what I read...

I am not an animal worshipper and I don't put my pets in front of my family but I definately am not one to think it is okay for animals to be mistreated. I am sure most people aren't aware of the things that happen to these animals but after reading this article I started wondering if they were the only circus that mistreated their animals. I searched many other articles about places like the Barnum and Bailey Circus (which my family loved to see!) and they have a history too... not as extensive as the Gatti Circus. Now that I am more aware of ths I will be more careful about where I go in the future.

ANYWAYS... instead of the circus which would have costed us $45.00 to walk in the door, plus over priced food, drinks and souveneirs we decided to go to Pojo's. The boys had a blast! I think they had more fun their then they would have at the circus because they got to run around for hours and play video games (which they love to do!) After spending gobs of money we walked away with a huge pixie stick and a bouncy ball probably only worth $1.00 but the boys were so proud of what they earned!

Here is Jacob on the bumper cars

I wish I had had a tripod... most of these came out blurry and I had to use my flash so you can see it reflecting off the mirror, but I did what I could! Here is a neat shot of Ryan (yes he actually had the guts to go on these things!), Jacob, and Sydnee (my niece).

Jacob striking a pose! Such a handsome young man!

Little Ryan! He wasn't really into the games but loved to go on all the rides.

Ryan in the Flinstone car!

Here is Jacob playing air hockey! I just entered a photo contest where you had to have a picture of a reflection of your child's face... Too bad I couldn't have done this one! The reflection turned out awesome!

So that was our weekend. I am wishing it didn't go by so fast... actually I wished I had gotten more done around the house because I have about 10 loads of laundry to do now. But oh well...


Taylor said...

Those countryside shots are amazing! I hope I can take pictures like that someday! Sounds like a fun weekend, glad everyone had fun.

Taylor said...

I'll have to look up that program, but I would still need a great shot to edit LOL! I bought my skirt in Canada cause I live here but if you go to they have so many beautiful skirts and dresses! They even come in multi-colours. They are a bit pricey but worth it.

Melissa said...

Oh my - first off thanks for stopping by - I love meeting new people! And secondly you are Amazing I gotta say! Wow momma! What you are doing is just awesome!(having babies for your friend!) I love it! I hope that you are all doing well and enjoying the pregnancy! I love your blog and will be back to learn more from you and your sweet family! That pic of your little man on the air hockey would've been a great pic for Iheart....last week. love your photography!

Esther said...

My sis lives is Bosie and sent some wonderful descriptions of this very amazing. Beautiful pictures, love the editing.

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