Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Meet Beth and Justin


These two are my inspiration in life and why I decided to carry a baby for a family who couldn't have a baby of their own. I wished to have carried for them but due to medical reasons they were unable to go through with the process.

They are an incredibly loving family and would be great and wonderful parents. After researching infertility in women I found that 1 out of 10 women suffer infertility in America. I was shocked at the facts. Beth went through multiple surgeries to have a child of their own and after several miscarriages and loss they decided adoption would be there best option. It was a hard decision for them to make because everyone has the dream of having a baby of their own.

I know that adoption is not for everyone. It takes a very special person to take a baby in as their own and love it just the same. But Beth and Justin have so much love to give. They own a little yorkie named Newman... and for now that dog is their baby... and they love him unconditionally... how much more would they love a child of their own.

Please pray for this deserving family. There is no greater joy in life then raising a child and watching them grow. I know God has something special planned for them and they need prayers right now so that their dream can come true. She is my inspiration because all though her suffering was great during this long process, she endured every minute of it with Hope, Love, and Faith. I know God will reward them for all of their patience in life and I can't wait to throw her the most wonderful baby shower she could ever wish for! I love you Beth and Justin!

Here is Beth and I having dinner at Whitewater Pizza and Pasta.
Here are the deserving couple meeting Wade and Jody's baby Alex.
Here is a picture from their wedding. (P.S. Josh and I are on the ends... my husband is so hot in this picture!)

One of my all time favorite memories of Beth. She had to use the bathroom right before her wedding after she was all dolled up in her wedding dress. it took three people standing on the toilet to keep that dress off the ground. It was one of my favorite memories!


Dea said...

What a nice post, I hope things work out and they get the baby they deserve! Love the pictures, that last one is so funny!

Amy said...

That happened to me on the day of my wedding too. Same with my best friend. Nerves get ya I guess when you are all dressed and ready to see the man of your dreams waiting for you.

Taylor said...

That is so sweet of you to post that! I know first hand how hard infertility is and I will say a prayer for them.

BTW - You are both beautiful ladies!

Melissa said...

They sound like such a sweet couple, and you and Beth could pass for sisters!

I'll be praying for them that God will send them the baby they deserve.

Dea said...

Thank you! I am glad you like it ;) Are you entering??

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