Friday, May 1, 2009


My mom used to tell me that life is short... I never understood that until I had kids. I can't believe that I am closer to 30 then I am 25... I can't believe I have been married 7 years.... I can't believe my first baby is going into 1st grade next year.... I can't believe my little girl is almost a toddler.

You forget how little your babies once were....

It's amazing how fast time goes....

If only I had a time machine I would go back and cherish the moments even more...

Here is Jacob Todd Roper
6 lbs 4 oz ~ 19 1/2 inches
Born June 28th 2003
Useless Facts- My son was born on my 21st birthday
Born at St. Lukes Hospital - Dr. Fogarty
Ryan Matthew Roper
6 lbs 6 oz ~ 19 1/5 inches
Born August 1st 2005
Useless Facts- This date is Alex Roper and Syndee Roper's half birthday
Born at St. Luke's Hospital - Dr. Timothy West

Madison Taylor Roper (Right) One day old next to her best friend and her cousin Kylie
Born December 22nd 2007

6 lbs 4 oz ~ 19 1/2 inches (all my kids were the same length!)

Useless Facts- My daughter was born on my anniversary...! How ironic....

Born at the Baby Place by Coleen We decided on our third and last to do an all natural delivery. It was the most amazing experience. I had her at 2pm and was back in the comfort of my home by noon that same day. I would so much rather be at home then at a hospital!

Look how small she is. She is wearing premie clothes and they are huge on her. Kylie is 6 weeks older then her but is twice her size! Now they are the same size because Maddie grew like a weed!

So those are my beautiful babies...


Taylor said...

Nice to "meet" your family, they are beautiful. Our girls are only 10 days apart. December girls rock LOL! Another thing we have in common is a winter wedding. Ours was cold but beautiful. Thanks for the popsicle tip, there are usually some for of take out lids lying around LOL!! I can't wait to read the rest of your blog.

Taylor said...

I just read your profile. Wow, congrats to you and your friend. I was a little taken aback because this is hopefully something else we will have in common. My sister in law has done 4 rounds of IVF unsuccessfully and I am going to be a surrogate for her. I also suffer from male factor infertility (Taylor was concieved via IVF) and will be doing IVF again in June/July. Depending on the outcome I will either be a surrogate for her this year or next.

I really commend you and your husband for doing this. Since my husband and I experienced the pain of infertility it was easy for us to offer. I have already been through IVF and I know what to expect. You are very brave and couldn't give anyone a greater gift!

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