Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Black's Creek Shoot Out Day 2

This was a MISERABLE day for shooting pictures.... and for them a miserable day for shooting targets. It poured rain for hours at this event. It was cold, I was wet from head to toe and my camera would now focus on anything except the rain that kept landing on my lenses. Even with my gear protected with plastic it still was raining hard enough that water on my lenses was inevitable.

I was frustrated... the people shooting at the targets were getting frustrating because their equipment kept jamming up on them too and they would have misfires or their guns wouldn't work. But everyone kept going... and several hot drinks later to keep from freezing to death we all survived Boise's crazy desert weather!

Here are a few shots from the day. I learned how to batch process (So excited) and thanks to those who helped out on that one. The ones in color are SOOC and the vintage ones are my Antique Preset Action that I created in photoshop.

This photo was edited with an antique action. Thought it suited well for this event!

They had to remove and count all bullets at the end of each shoot to make sure they didn't have any misfires.
I love the coloring on these photos for SOOC. I love my D60 it really takes the most amazing photos! (I got my new D80 the day before but I didn't dare take any chances with it in this weather so I left it in the camera bag)
I can't get over how wonderful this lens is! I love the clarity and the colors. I love when you can be happy with your photos without having to make adjustments! Do you see all the rain on her gun and her hat! Usually the particiapates would stand under an umbrella when not shooting so this is just from being in the rain for only a few minutes! IT WAS POURING!
By the end of the day... this was how all my photos started looking. All three of my lenses were fogged over from the inside... even the one I wasn't even using that was in my camera bag.... Darn weather! (Did I mention I was frustrated!) :D Has anyone shot in this kind of weather? Any advice for the future? I don't know if I can control my lenses fogging up inside but if I can let me know!

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Izzy 'N Emmy said...

Looks like alot of fun, even with the rain. The photos turned out great too.

Thanks for stopping by!

Dea said...

The photos look wonderful, sorry about the rain and your stuff! That stinks. What lense did you use? The colors are stunning!

Life with Kaishon said...

I like your pictures. You did good. And way to go creating that action. AWESOME! I would love to learn how to do a batch of pictures at a time.

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