Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pretty Flowers and Even Deer at Albertson's Park

The kids and I took a walk to Albertson's Park today. It is the most beautiful park in Boise. It has beautiful pathways lined with flowers and bushes. It is so incredibly gorgeous. I am posting a separate post of the flowers and animals. I will post some of the children later that I got.

Here is Madison and in the background here is the deer that came out of the grass.
There were actually three of them but the mommy didn't come out till later.

Love this camera and lens! Aren't these flowers gorgeous!

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Taylor said...

Beautiful shots! I took some flowers shots in someone's garden LOL! Had they come out they might wonder why I was in their flower garden! I was planning on editing them with some of the online techniques we learned but I never got around to it LOL. That looks like a gorgeous park.

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