Saturday, August 8, 2009

Not Again!

Yes... Again! My son started a new tradition.... He falls asleep on the toilet. I don't get it. How can it be so comfy for him! HE just cracks me up!

I had a photo shoot event this weekend that I have been at all day Friday and Saturday. I can't wait to share my new photos with you! Today was a yucky day. It POURED rain so I had to leave early because water got inside of my lenses. It was an outdoor event and I even had a plastic cover around my camera but it was just so wet that it got into my lenses. THat part stunk... but I just looked at them a few minutes ago and 2 out of 3 lenses are dried out inside.

I have not seen rain like this in Boise for a long time! I swear I was in a rain forest today! Hope you all had a great weekend and hopefully this week I can do some blog reading and catching up!


Taylor said...

LOL!!! He is just to cute and funny. I guess going really makes hime tired LOL!

jen@odbt said...

That is cracking me up. Kids fall asleep in the funniest places/positions - this one is a winner!

Izzy 'N Emmy said...

OMG, how funny! I could understand him falling asleep, but to see him all curled up is even funnier. :)

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