Monday, August 24, 2009

Week 33 - “Nostalgia” Photo Challenge!

This week at the theme is "Nostaligia." Ironically we have a male guest photographer named Jose Villa. I wonder how he feels about barbies, dolls and tea parties! I am a girl so I mean that is what I think about! LOL! I guess we will find out!

This week was especially challenging for me because when I think of my childhood we grew up on a farm running around in corn fields, chasing fireflies, playing in the old barns, playing in an old abandoned cemetary near my grandma's house, stealing Swan's ice-cream push pops out of my grandmas freezer in the basement (shhhh! don't tell her) and watching the lightning storms on my grandmas porch. We lived with my grandma in a small town called Highland Illinois and we now live in Boise Idaho which is the complete opposite of my childhood. If I could have had it my way I would have been chasing fireflies in this picture or pouring salt on slugs (Me do that... never!) but we don't have those here in Idaho.... at least none that I could find!

So anyways here is the next best thing for me. Good Ol Fashioned Lollipops from Goody's Ice Cream Parlor! And look even her outfit matches and has swirlies! I remember these and those giant jaw breakers my parents used to get me... and what about the candy cigarettes... I know they are terrible but I used to love to get them as a child!


4 Lettre Words said...

Just darling! Love the editing.

Jules said...

Very cute picture! I love the matching swirlies on her dress!
I have a question, how do you download textures to photoshop elements? I love my new photoshop, but I dont like the textures and brushes they have on there. lol
I found some new ones, and downloaded them to my computer, but can't figure out how to get them on photoshop to use as layers. So confusing!
Also, I don't think your living room is to girlish. I love the colors you chose! My husband is the same way, he just plain doesn't care what our house looks like decorated as long as its clean. I feel that decorated nicely is
Our Kitchen has been waiting to be finished with painting, on of our walls has been puttied and sanded, and he keeps trying to convince me that we should keep it that way for the terricotta look. He is so silly, but he is also dead serious!

Anonymous said...

I totally remember the candy cigarettes. Oh the good old days. I miss them too.



Kate said...

Beautiful photo and perfect post processing. I love the colours and the feel!

Taylor said...

Love this one! The matching dress is so sweet and I just love the processing. I too remember and loved those cigarettes. I tried one a few years ago and said EWWW they changed the taste but it could just beme LOL.

Life with Kaishon said...

This is just too sweet for words. I love your pictures. And I love how you wrote about it. Very beautiful!

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