Saturday, August 8, 2009

Blacks Creek State Shoot Out Competition- This is how the Idaho Cowboys (girls) do it!

So I am going to do something that I don't normally do... Show my images SOOC (Straight out of the camera). And I guess the reason is when you have over 500 photos taken in one day on an event... who really has the time to edit each one!

This shoot out was such a blast. Everyone was all in there cowboy get-up and super friendly. Unfortunately the rain brought on a lot of headache for me as all of my equipment today was drenched and I had to leave early because of it.

I was invited to come and walk around to the different stations and take candid shots. They hired a professional photographer to do portraits but they wanted someone to capture the candid moments also. So for me that meant I walked around in cold weather with my expensive equipment... I tried to cover my gear with plastic zip lock bags but that didn't work that well. Thank god everything dried out fine. I will be posting more pictures later this week when I get the rest downloaded but here are a few from Fridays event.

Any and all opinions would be much appreciated! I am always afraid my clients will dislike their photos! :D I have only downloaded a few hundred so far (out of like 900) and still have today's photo shoot to sort through but here are some samples from yesterday morning.

The guns were so neat and so authentic to take pictures of!

I was surprised at how many children participated in this event! I was even more shocked at how well they did in the shoot out.
This guy was ultra lightning fast in the competition!
Here is my cousin Darryl participating. I wish you all could come and watch this guy cook. Can you believe that he single handedly cooked for EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN THE COMPETITION! He is the most amazing BBQer in Boise Idaho!
Ladies were hanging in there with the guys! So neat! I never knew guns were so fun to take pictures of!

Don't they look like studs from a cowboy movie!
He was more then happy to stop and take a picture!
Here is Granpa....


Dea said...

looks like you got amazing shots that dont even need edited! Looks like you had fun to, to cool!

Taylor said...

I think you did a great job and they look great SOOC too!! It looks like so much fun.

Christina@ingallslife said...

looks like this was fun, why didn't i even hear about this? i just live like 45 miles from Boise. your pics are great, how fun to be there without too much pressure. that is the kind of job i want, no pressure...
hahaha the word verificatioin is GLOCK i think that is a gun, how funny.

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