Saturday, August 8, 2009

Magic Show, TCBY and a Broken Down Car!

Friday my sister and I took all the kids to a Magic Show at the YMCA. The little ones got a little bored but Jacob loved it! And for free... you can't complain and the show was actually pretty cool! After the magic show we took the kids to TCBY for some ice-cream... I new better then to let my boys have rainbow colored ice-cream (the pictures will explain everything)... Did I mention that my kids are THE worse eaters in the world... They have no idea how to get the food in their mouth...

On the way home... with the luck I have had this week... my car broke down... AGAIN! 4 times this year now and counting!

My power steering pump literally shattered inside of my van! It is nearly impossible to turn your wheels without power steering too! So $75.00 later on a rip-off tow truck and then whatever the repairs cost... ARGH! Stupid Dodge's! They are just not reliable... at least not mine! Then when I called my husband to tell him my situation he had the nerve to ask me what I did! I was like nothing... I was driving! I should have told him I took a hammer and beat the pump in half... but since I have no idea where that would even be located in my car... he wouldn't believe me anyways! :D

So here are some pics of our evening...
Watch out YMCA... we are coming with a LOT of kids! Check out the girls and their backpacks... we didn't even plan this either! LOL!
My hot prego sister and my two nieces.

mmmmm... popcorn! Picture taken with my new D80! :D and it is even SOOC!
Here is the magical magician
Can't have a magic show without the medal rings
Thought this picture turned out neat!

Isn't he adorable... I mean really... how could he be any cuter! Such a handsome little man!

Here we are in front of TCBY! Madison was screaming... Ryan was half asleep... and Jacob looks happy at least!
Let me apologize ahead of time to my son's future wife... I promise he didn't learn that from me!

Well aren't I cute with my big brown eyes!
Madi and Ryan waiting so patiently for their ice-cream!


Taylor said...

Sounds like it was a fun time and you can't beat free! The new camera takes a great picture, I love the ice cream face!!

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh Steph! You are such a great Mommy : ) I love this : )! It's ok to let our kids be messy when they eat. I mean, seriously, don't they have tons of years to eat all neat and proper? Let them have fun!

And you are right, your sister looks GREAT!

Christina@ingallslife said...

hi! i know it has been a while, i have been trying to catch up. just wanted to say congrats on the d80. i have one too. i love love love it.
also i have a dodge van too. and it isn't the best. fuel pump and ac. ac has been replaced three or four still does not work so we go with the windows down, or just take the truck if it is too hot.
have a great week!

Alicia W. said...

That looks like SO MUCH FUN! Great pictures and story.

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