Sunday, August 30, 2009


There is nothing sweeter then little girls playing with dolls. Madison got this dollhouse for her first birthday and she is just now discovering it. She absolutely loves it and puts the dolls in their bed and kisses them. It is just too cute watching her play and use her imagination...

Can you tell I went picture crazy! Can you blame me... a cute little girl, a wooden dollhouse, a pretty pink dress... the camera just wouldn't stop! :D

kisses for my new friend...
Setting her down in her chair
hmmm... which one should I play with... Do I prefer blondes or brunettes.... :D

Mommy leave me alone.... put that thing away

Can I play without you calling my name every 30 seconds for a picture.


Dea said...

I certainly do take plenty of pictures for her! And she appreciates that too cause shes not huge into photography like i am, lol. And i would love to, your kids are adorable and I think I could just fall in love with them! I just adore small children!

Melissa said...

What a fun little doll house, I would love to play with that! Say can you email me, I have some photography ?'s for you! Thanks!

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my gosh. I want a girl. She is too sweet. So cute : ) Love her dress and totally LOVE her doll house!

Jules said...

Thank you so much for that quote! I am definately going to see what I can do to use it!
Question: do you have any charter schools in the area you live in?
You should look into them. They are publicly funded, so not expensive, but they are so much better than public schools. They have the all over Utah now, and my sister has her girls going there, and she realy realy likes it.
She says it is so close to homeschooling because the parents are so much involved in it.
Also, you should check out Thomas Jefferson Education system, for your preschoolers. I think the website is, you might have to google it. My older sister has been home schooling her boys for 10 years now, and this is her favorite program. It is good for homeschooling, and everything else. They have some realy good ideas on what an education should be, teaching your kids the basics, but emphasizing on what they want to learn and having them excel that way, rather then having them learn things that they are not interested in that everyone else thinks they should learn.
Also, if you get the chance you should read the book "Its just my nature" by Carol Tuttle, or visit her websites,, or, or
I think you might find it interesting for yourself, and for your kids to read this book. She has some information that is realy amazing to discover. It will help you understand your own tendencies, and your kids tendencies and everyone else around you. She has another book coming out written specifically about learning to understand our kids natures. We all lead with a certain energy type that basically defines our tendencies and personalities and the way we move through life. Some lead with the highest energy oxegyn, where all their movement is fun, up, high, happy, springy, sparatic and random. Or some are more subtle like water, fluid like and sweet, and slow, or you have the edgy, quick, firey one, or the lowest energy type that is very still, striking, bold, and precise. My oldest daughter is the type 1, the fun, happy, lots of energy, and the other is the still, bold, which can be more iritable of things, but is also very precise, and sophisticated about things, some call them the neat freaks, lol.
Sorry I am rambling, I just know how much this information has helped me to direct my way of raising them both, and helping me have an understanding of what their gifts are and their natural tendencies, and it has especially helped me realize that my natural likes and dislikes are a major part of what my natural way of living is, and not something I should be afraid of.
Anyway, thanks again!
I love all of your pictures of your little girl and her doll house, so cute, and I hope your little guy gets feeling better with his tooth!

Amy said...

To answer your question...I am not a fan of homeschooling. I do, however, think there is a right way to do and a wrong way. I have been turned off with the homeschoolers in Idaho. So therefore I made up my mind. I had started homeschooling a preschool program 2 years ago for little man. (A curriculum for 2-3 year olds) I also have it for babies - 2 yrs; and 4-8 yrs.Now that Little Man is old enough for real preschool, (and it is a part of the School here), I feel it is my responisibilty to teach my little ones and get them ready for the school. It is a responsibility from God that I have taken seriously since I was pregnant for the first time. So I only homeschool before they can go to public school. Good luck!

missy said...

oh my......she is just ADORABLE!!!!!!!!
love the doll house!!!!!!

Taylor said...

Steph, she is just totally gorgoeus! I love the "look" you are getting from her LOL. That doll house is so great, I can't wait to get Taylor something like that.

Anonymous said...

I can not believe how fast she has grown. It seems like just a couple of months ago you and Josh were over with her. She was so tiny. Now she is a miny person. It is so cute.



Izzy 'N Emmy said...

Wow, very cute! Love the dollhouse too. She's got great taste in play clothes too. lol!

Jules said...

Thank you so much for your comment! You are so sweet and I realy appreciate your recommendations on the cameras, I didnt realize I could get a good DSLR for so cheap!
I have been trying to save my photoshoot earnings towards a new camera, and it is just taking a realy long time. lol
I have my eye on a Canon Rebel T1i D500, but its about $800 + whatever lenses I will want for it.
Everytime I get money from the pictures I take, I end up buying new props. lol
I need to quit doing that.
I may just work it out for Christmas though, that sounds like a great plan!!
Thanks again!

Amy said...

email me your email address. I don't have it and didn't know if I should send you a message via facebook...

Little man goes to school for a half day. He goes at 12-3. I usually wake up at 6 before the house. They wake anywhere from 7-8:30ish. So that is the reason why he was dressed so early. He doesn't go all day, though he'd love it.

I do miss him when he is gone. It is my responisbility to train/teach him and I find myself feeling guilty that he is somewhere else. BUT I have 2 other boys that I am taking serious with the responisibility that God has given me. They are His and on loan to me. What a high calling!

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