Friday, August 28, 2009

Fix-It Friday #26 - Hands-On Photo Editing Fun!

Isn't this little girl just absolutely darling! I love her beauitful princess dress and her expression. The brick wall is perfect for this picture. What a great picture. Here are my edits.
Each of my edits were very simple. Here is what i did on all the images
1) Sharpened the image in Photoshop
2) Straightened the image in Photoshop
3) Used a clipping mask in Photoshop
4) Adjusted the tonal contrast on the brick only using Nik software
5) Added font using Photoshop

For this image only I did a gold reflector filter and a glamour glow using Nik Software
Here I did a paper toner filter and brought out the colors on her dress and the flower only using Nik Software
Using photoshop I adjusted the levels and then did a gradient tool to darken the colors on the brick but keep her bright and then adjusted the contrast to make her pop in the photo.

All I did on this one was use a gold reflector filter using Nik Software
Here is the original photo.


Sharon said...

Wow! Your edits are terrific. Each of them offered such a great interpretation. Nice job.

I've never heard of Nik - -I'll have to look into that.

Amy said...

Great editing! I think my favorite is the first one. I like the color of it.

Daiquiri said...

Beautiful! Hey, I just noticed that we're both in Boise!!

Mozer said...

Oh these are wonderful! I"m having a hard time picking my favorite. I'm leaning toward the third one. I like the quote you paired with the picture.

Life with Kaishon said...

You just amaze me to no end : )

I love your fixes. Very pretty.

: ) but I can't really think of any that I haven't loved! You are an editing whiz : )

Melissa said...

I love the edits on the second one! ANd what a sweet saying!

Monica Dyke said...

Nice edits. I really like the second one. Also, thanks for your nice comment.

Taylor said...

I just love all of these edits! I think I need to look into the nik software. The saying is so great and so true LOL!

Julie Rivera Photography said...

I have to say I really like your first edit and the saying is so appropriate and wonderful!

(And I do indeed appreciate your fine Idaho potatoes...I know you aren't growing them yourself, but you live in the state so I will give you credit! :) )

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