Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sneak Peek!

I have hundreds of photos to sort through. But for now I have some pre-party photos to share with you. It took most of the morning to get things set up. The kids blew up the balloons while I decorated. I am so glad it is over! No more parties to plan until December! :D

So for those who knew my story about the cake... I cannot believe how wonderfully delicious it still tasted! Who ever thought a freezer burned chocolate cake could still be sinfully delicious! If you are still a boxed cake kind of person you have to be corrupted into trying out this recipe. It is called HERSHEY'S "PERFECTLY CHOCOLATE" Chocolate Cake.

This recipe was tried out by accident a few years ago when I forgot to buy a boxed cake for a party. I was in a hurry and found this recipe and had all the ingredients. Since then it is the only chocolate cake I will ever make! It beats Sarah Lee and Duncan Hines cakes!

My little Mario and Luigi! And this also gets Halloween out of the way now! My plan is to find a princess peach costume for Madison and somehow dress our dog into Yoshi... Maybe Josh could be bowser... LOL!
Here is my little 4-year old ham! No more terrible horrible threes!

Ryan's present from us. (P.S. He got a razor scooter!)
Meet chain chomp. He is the barking ball on Mario.
These were slapped together in case the cake was gross. Of course these tasted worse then the cake because they were boxed...
This place was my lifesaver for Mario and Luigi plates, napkins, etc. I went to Zurchers and many other stores and nobody carried this theme. I ordered them online from I was surprised at how affordable they were and the items were superior quality! It just made the party that much better!
My homemade dollarstore hats with felt glued M's on them!
So for now that is it. We are going to do some power cleaning and maybe take the kids swimming but I will try and post more pictures later!


Dea said...

Wow, looks like the party was amazing! What a cool idea for a theme and you did a great job! Too cute!

Taylor said...

Steph, you did an amazing job! They must have been so happy with everything. I can see why you are so happy it is over, you put so much work and effort into it. Great job.

Amy said...

Awesome! How do you have time for all that? Looked like it was a fun party!

Melissa said...

WOW! the party stuff looked amazing!!!! what a great job and what an amazing mom you are!

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