Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Day

Here we are "waiting" for the kids to wake up... Can you believe that! For over an hour Josh and I waited for the kids to wake up while drinking our coffee. We finally had to go wake them up!!
The first thing the kids to is open up their stockings. Ryan found an Iron Man figurine in his stocking... so excited!
Daddy's been naughty this year... look what Santa put in his stocking. Not just a lump of coal... but a big bag of it! And look how upset Madison was that it wasn't for her!
Sharing the story of Jesus before opening gifts.
The very hectic opening of gifts. Ryan got a new video game from his brother.
Adda is just one of the kids. She always has to be apart of things. Even she got her own stocking this year.

Jacob got a Science kit.
had to get a picture. It was too funny!
Ryan was so excited for this... he had been wanting this game for months
WOW! Jacob got a skateboarding game!
The boys got a new race track for Christmas. I had more fun playing this then they did. LOL
Madison got some new furniture for her doll house... she is putting flowers on her table
Playing with her first barbie
My little cutie playing in her room

adison got two barbies for Christmas, a couple of dolls, two strollers, and a doll crib... and she wants to play with Ryan's Super Hero Figurine... LOL! Goofy Kid!
Attempted Grandkid shot... LOL!
Kylie loved this horsey purse I got her!

Would not let this thing go!

Kylie is starting young with the high heels!

Madison was sneaking cookies here... I think she had at least a dozen that night!
Kinners... you are such a doll!
My Prego Sisters

Ron started picking on Ryan because Ryan wouldn't quit laying in the middle of the floor where everyone was walking.

Way to go Jenny! Can you please move that belly out of my picture!
Can't tell whose having more fun... Ron or Ryan?


Kristin said...

What a fun peek into your day! Looks like it was a lot of family fun. That's funny that you have 2 pregnant sisters - I bet that makes for good times! Your little Madison is so precious - I love her "bed-head" in the picture with your husband!

Regarding your comments: Yes, I took the Grinch picture at Unvisersal Studios Islands of Adventure - they have a section called "Seuss Landing" (its a lot of fun!) and they had a special Grinchmas show complete with all the Whos at Whoville!

We moved from Vegas to Florida in May...I was so happy to leave Vegas, but sad over leaving our house! (I would have moved the house itself if I could've!)

Dea said...

Wow looks like you guys had a wonderful Christmas! You kids are so cute and so happy! Its funny how Madison got the Barbies but wanted to play with the action figures...little kids are so cute!

and hahaha I didnt crop her into it, I cropped a photo of Jodi opening her gifts that they were both in! haha i definatly dont have the resources to do it the other way around but I am flattered that you believed that i could do that! =]

Amy said...

What a fun Christmas you had! We have the Batman Lego and Cars game for the Wii. How funny!

To answer your question, our Christmas morning only lasted a couple hours. Santa leaves his toys out in front of the tree unwrapped so the boys played with that until their grandparents woke up. Then we opened gifts.

Have a happy new year my friend.

Life with Kaishon said...

What a wonderfully fun day! I love it! : ) I am glad you had so many special moments. PS I want a horsey purse too : )

Taylor said...

What a wonderful Christmas you all had. The kids look so happy and excited and , of course, adorable!

The trick to getting Taylor to look at the camera and smile is a toy or a treat that she wants lol! You should see some of the other pictures I took with her and I! She wanted nothing to do with me until her Uncle Dave held up a Smarty over the camera lol!!

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