Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Eve

Every year for Christmas Eve we go to my husband's brothers house for dinner. There is nothing like getting together with loved ones during the holidays.

This picture is right before we left for Jack's. Grandpa came by to get some loves from Madison. She is always so excited to see Grandpa when he visits. The minute he got here she crawled up in his lap. Not even 10 minutes later she fell asleep on him. It was so sweet.

Here is my nephew noble
Sydnee, Noble and of course Madi
Goofy Ryan trying to shoot the camera...
Jessey and her boyfriend Shawn. Isn't new love so adorable!
Aunt Jessey has always said that Ryan has her heart! And it's a good thing because Ryan adores her so much!

Every Christmas Eve I let my children open up one gift (of my choice!) and every year... it's the same old boring gift... yes the notorious pajamas that they are forced to wear Christmas morning. it is a tradition my mother started... and I will continue it. :D
Ryan had asked me a few weeks ago for slippers but I wouldn't let him get them at the store... so he was thrilled when he saw them with his pajamas.
LOL! Here is my Christmas Present...wrapped up with a pretty bow. It's the best gift ever!

Since we don't really have a place to hang our Christmas Stockings I just set them on the table...
So excited!
She was so happy about her pajamas!
I know in his head he is probably thinking... "pajamas... why didn't I get a video game or a new car!"
Ryan and his goofy faces... it never ends I swear! he is just one goofy kid
Showing off the new pajamas
And of course goodies for Santa... and since Santa doesn't like milk I gave him his favorite... Soy Milk! :D
Isn't this adorable! Madi's new dolly crib and grandpa and grandma sent her a doll and stroller for Christmas! How perfect for her crib!
Enjoying the quiet moment... knowing that in a couple hours this room will be torn apart and one giant mess!!
And of course... the true meaning of Christmas... This story will be shared first thing in the morning.


Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my goodness. I LOVE your pictures of Christmas eve! Starting out with Grandpa! They are just my favorite sorts of people : ) LOVE Grandpas! And how sweet that she fell asleep! Adorable! We get Christmas pajamas too. I think it is a great tradition : )

Taylor said...

We did the pj thing too when we were kids. My Aunt still does it with her kids and they are 34 and 39 lol! I do it with taylor too but she got to open all of her gifts from us on Christmas eve so she barely noticed the pj's lol.

That doll crib is too cute. I bet she loves it!

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