Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Double Dose of Cuteness!

They just get cuter and cuter! I went by and visited the girls the other day and took some adorable pictures of them. If they ever need a babysitter... they know who to call! :D

Don't you love mother and daughter shots! So precious

She just loves her mommy! She is looking right at her.

Look at me! I am so lucky to get to hold these precious babies!

Here are the kids... being so good while i love on the babies!

Remember Olivia? It has been so long since I have watched her! Isn't she just darling!!!
I just love her eyes!


Melissa said...

so cute! how are the babies doing?? are they letting mom and dad get some sleep?

Love your new hair color! super cute!

Anonymous said...

Steph I love the mommy and me pictures they turned out so amazing. I love that there are finally more pictures of you on your blog!!


MRS Jen McNeil said...

awwwwwww! sooo tiny and sweet! I remember when mine were tiny...awwww! Great pictures!

Dea said...

They are adorable and they have so much hair for bein so little!

Taylor said...

All of these baby shots are getting me so excited to meet mine! They are just so sweet and you look fabulous.

Jules said...

How fun to be able to go see the babies and do pictures!
BTW, have you looked at the Patty Brown Gallery Collection that they did a give away on iheartfaces?
I bought it and I love them! I feel like applying them to all my pictures, lol.
So fun!

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