Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tis the Season of Sharing!

Tis the season of giving right! And well since I am not rich enough to give everyone a vacation or a present I will share some recipes!

I hate to cook... actually I take it back... I like to cook but cannot seem to find the time to make healthy homemade meals. But what I do love to do is during the winter when there is no time for playing in the park and more time to play indoors... I enjoy taking a few days and cooking in bulk and then freezing for later. SOUP, CHILI's, ROAST! All great freezer meals.

I LOVE this website for recipes called What is great about them is you can list your ingredients that you have or dont have and what you want to make and it will find you a recipe. SO WONDERFUL! And since I am not a very organized person I find recipe keeping way to inconvenient. I figure that is what the internet does for me already! And I enjoy trying new things so I always seem to try different recipes anyways!
So this is a family recipe on the Roper's side! Of all people... Josh's brother Matt showed me how to make this! He is a wonderful cook believe it or not! I miss him living with us!


Bag Red Potatoes
Fresh Green Beans
Ham Hocks or Pork Hocks
Salt and Pepper

I don't follow any amounts of the above... but all I do is add these ingredients to a pot of boiling water, turn down the heat to low and then cook for the day. SO EASY! And so good! And even Adda loves this recipe because she gets to chew on the bone after!

Who doesn't have a turkey carcass left over during the holidays! The other day I made a HUGE pot of Turkey Soup.

Here is the recipe. Oh my gosh it was sooooo good! Extremely healthy (I have weight to lose this winter... so healthy is important to me right now!) And it is so nice to have soup in the freezer when you are sick.... and Cambell's just isn't good enough! Nothing beats homemade!

And while we are talking about food. Jacob for school had to make a gingerbread man out of any items other then crayons and markers with the family. So we used food! :D The kids enjoyed eating the craft more then they did making it! But it was so much fun doing this with the family.

And even the glue was edible! Can you believe this mommy of three kids had a bazillion markers in the game closet but not one ounce of glue. So we made homemade glue! Here is the recipe... FLOUR AND WATER! And as hard as that sounds.... it is very easy!



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Taylor said...

I was planning on making some things in bulk once my due date draws near so these recipes will really help, thanks!

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