Monday, December 7, 2009

Birthday Girls!! ~ fun! - Fun!! - FUn!!! - FUN!!!!!

Oh was this soooo much fun!

Everywhere I turned I saw smiles everywhere! This was the most fun, relaxing and stress-free party I ever had to plan... oh wait... I didn't plan it... which is the reason it was stress-free! My sister and I rented out Tumble Time gymnastics. We had to show up with kids and cameras in hand and play and have fun! Set-Up, Clean-up, decorating, planning, timing, food, etc... all taken care of!

I had soooo many pictures I wanted to share. I just couldn't decide on which ones to post! Every child was laughing, playing and posing so I had such a great photo opp! Hope you enjoy!

I have tons of posts to catch up on so expect lots of me! :D

Here are the Birthday Girls and BFF!!
And my castle cake... retouched up... (sorry no close ups as it had to be touched up!) It is full of "Monet" (Remember the movie "Clueless") It looks good far away... but up close it's a big ol' mess!

Precious Kylie!

Look at those big brown eyes! She gets cuter and cuter as she gets older!

This is Madison's cousin Kary. She is just the cutest thing ever!
my little Madison climbing on everything

Here is baby Bennett again! isn't he so adorable! I just love babies!

here is my monkey man

I love this picture of Ryan! He was posing left and right for me! Expect lots of pictures of him!

Don't fall! I Love the sun light above her on the wall. Great picture!
My mom was the clown we hired... look at her face... entertaining the kids! What a goofy mom!

Did i mention my sister is a pregnant cheerleading coach... so she made her squad come and help entertain the kids! They did a great jump! They did all kinds of stunts! i wish I was 16 and care free again...
Did i mention AGAIN... that my sister is a pregnant cheerleading coach... So if her baby comes out with brain damage... this is why. JENNY!!!!!! I EVEN HAVE PROOF!
My other little monkey man!

Either she was bored at her own party....

or pooping... not sure... I left because if I was the first to smell it... I would of had to change her... LOL! :D Don't tell her mommy I did that! It became her problem not mine!

Daddy and Madi had so many father daughter moments!

Like i said... he was posing left and right!

And some more! So cute!

some more of Ryan! He is was so photogenic today!

LOL! Are you tired of him yet!
I love her expression on this picture! Look at her face!

Some more little monkeys!

Daddy loves to throw her in the air!

My sister Courtnee. Love her attitude on this one!

another father daughter moment

HA HA Jacob... I am keeping this for your girlfriend! he does have a feminine side!

and the cute little girl Jacob followed around the whole entire party! He seriously was crushing hard on her. He sat by her the whole time!

Birthday princess #1

Birthday princess #2

Ready for cake!

a mother daughter moment. Mckynlee was so sad that nobody brought presents for her!

waiting so patiently to play!

LOL! Another black mailing picture to put away for the future

Here is Aunt Becca! I love this picture. She had no idea I took this... I know she will probably hate it... I hate close ups of me too... but I love her expression and isn't she so gorgeous!

Only 365 more days till the next little girl party...


Melissa said...

looks like lots of fun!

Your preggo sister is NUTS! No way you'd catch me doing flips while pregnant! ;)

Loved all the pics. Your kids sure are cute!

Life with Kaishon said...

This looks like SUCH a fun party! Your cake looks out of this world amazing. Oh. My. Gosh. Wow. I am glad the kids had fun. I ADORE your pictures. Even in terrible lighting situations you totally rock it! Love that!

Taylor said...

So many wonderful pictures from a great day. It looks like they had so much fun! So many gorgeous kids in your family... young and older!

My husband is a home inspector and I always buy christmas gifts for all of the sales representatives that recommend him to their buyers. Before I became a SAHM I was an office administrator/manager at a Century 21 office so I know how much the reps love to get gifts lol! It's just a great way to remind them that you are around and you appreciate their business. When he's not doing inspections (which is rare these days)he also works as a carpenter, which was his previous job for 20 years. What does your husband do?

Dea said...

wow that looks like such a blast- so jealous over here!!! Happy birthday to Madison!

The Owings Family said...

Cute! I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures! That is a great picture of Kary!! :)

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