Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Grandpa Spoils Me

My kids are so fortunate to have a Grandpa that comes by once a week to visit with them. He spoils them with apples and grapes and cookies! Everytime Grandpa comes by Madison runs to the room and grabs books for Grandpa to read to her. It is so adorable to watch those two bond with each other.
She just adores him!
Striving pianist

Me and my little angel!

kisses for Madi


Jules said...

So cute! Her hat is adorable. I love little girls and their grandpa's. So special!
I hope you have a very merry christmas!!!

Dea said...

Those pictures are so cute! Its great how Madison and Grandpa read together- and i think i have that book- its a good one!

Taylor said...

It's so great to watch them with their grandparents. I love the shot of you and Madison!

Her hat is adorable!

Amy said...

I remember loving my grandpa so much. We would eat pickles and tomatoes together and play checkers and watch The Carol Burnett Show and Hee-Haw. Those grandpas sure know how to make memories with their grandchildren.

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my gosh LOVE her hat! And love her grandpa! Grandpas are so special! What a wonderful family you have.

PS Glad that YOU are happy that the tree is not up and it makes you laugh. Believe me, there is NO laughing about this tree dilemna...Jimminy Crickets!

Kristin said...

You and your baby girl are so cute! What a blessing to have such a wonderful grandpa!!

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