Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Another Reason I Love Boise Idaho

We have great sunrises!

I went skiing with Jack and Jake at Bogus Basin the day after Christmas. It was my 2nd time... my son's 3rd time... and after I fell of the chairlift twice, lost my ski's on the chairlift and fell down the mountain a hundred times... I finally started to get the hang of it! Jacob's already a pro. Not kidding either... he is already going off the jumps. I don't get how he picked it up so fast!
I am lucky that Jack was so patient with me. He kept saying "Your doing great, your doing fine!" But I am sure what he wanted to say was "Seriously can you please stay on your feet for at least 30 seconds?" Your six your old son is cruising down the mountain already and your butt did most of the work today and not your skiis!"

Okay maybe I'm exagerating (a little) I wasn't horrible... just not as good as them! :D

Here are some views of the Sunrise on the way up to Bogus Basin

Jacob and Uncle Jack aka: Ski instructor Jake skiing down the mountain
An old pro... all over the mountain


Dea said...

wow, amazing shots! I am completely in love with that last one! And about the skiing.. I have never been skiing but I can imagine my story sounding much like yours! I am glad you son got the hang of it though!

Taylor said...

Amazing shots! That must have been a sight to see. I haven't been skiing in soooo long lol! Hope you had a great time.

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