Friday, December 11, 2009

Why Boise Idaho Rocks!

I could list a hundred reasons why you shoud live in Boise Idaho... and why http://www.iheartfaces,com/ should host their next workshop here! :D I am trying to convince them to come here next... can you tell! :D

But if I had to choose just one... it would have to be because I live here.... ha ha... kidding... no but our football team and our football fans rock! AND WE HAVE THE COOLEST BLUE TURF IN THE WHOLE WORLD!

Go Broncos and good luck as we head off to the Fiesta Bowl January 4th against TCU (Texas Christian University). We won the Fiesta Bowl in 2007 with a fairy tale ending and probably one of the best football games in college history and last year we lost to TCU by one point... so this year should be such a great game! Can't wait to watch it!

Bo Big Blue!!! :D


Taylor said...

LOL, very nice turf indeed! I love how American women love their football. It is mentioned on so many blogs I visit.

I am an olypics junkie but they only roll around every 2 years lol!

Amy said...

We will be watching the game too! I loved the blue turf while we were there. Loving Colorado more to be honest. :) Some things I miss some I don't. But I LOVE BSU!!!

The Owings Family said...

We have that same ornament!!! We are very excited to watch the game!! My dad is going... lucky guy!

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