Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Happy 9th Birthday Courtnee

My mom planned a surprise party for Courtnee at my house after the Nutcracker. She was so excited! She has got to be the most expressive little girl I have ever met! Every gift she opened was like a new car for her! it was too funny!

You are growing up to fast little Corkin! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND HOPE YOUR DAY IS PERFECT!

Here is the cake I made for her special day.

Blowing out her candles! Hope her dreams come true!
Courtnee and Katelyn
Sydnee, Courtnee and Katelyn
She is so happy... can you tell?


Taylor said...

She really does look so happy. Another great cake too!

Amy said...


Yes, we do Santa. We teach our kids the meaning of Christmas (the birth of Jesus) but "Santa" leaves presents. Right now, my boys think he exists. It is just too magical to see their faces when they see what Santa leaves for them. They will find out eventually. "Santa" always came to our house growing up until we moved out.

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