Monday, December 28, 2009

Meet Skeeter

Wow has so much happened in the last week! I have so much blogging to do! So in one week Josh and I celebrated a birthday, an anniversary, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, skiing, a new kitten and sadly Josh's mother passed away 10 years ago this week too so it has been a very eventful week! I will be posting a lot of pictures soon but I felt Skeeter deserved his own special blog post!

We rescued this kitty from going to the pound. He came from a loving family who could no longer care for him due to changes in their life. He is 4 years old and is so sweet and so adorable! So far my biggest complaint is he likes the kitchen counters (ugh!) and cleaning the litter box! But other then that he loves our family and loves to sit in our laps while we are sitting on the couch in the mornings drinking our coffee! He will NOT let you forget to feed him and will follow you around constantly and meow at you until you do! So funny!


Jules said...

aw, cute Kitty! : )
Happy anniversary! My husband and I will be celebrating ours on Jan. 4th, and I don't think we will be doing much more than a small dinner date too. lol
Sometimes those are the funnest though. :)
Thank you for your compliment on my house picture! It turned out a lot funner than I thought it would. I just love those overlays!

Taylor said...

Welcome skeeter! You are a very handsome kitty-man.

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