Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Post for Life with Kaishon

Took me long enough! Okay so this is easier then sending them back through email. Because then I can put them in the correct order! :D

This program is amazing! You will love it if you buy it. Here is the photo you took with filter effects that I added.


All I did here was sharpness, color correction and reduced the dark circles under her eyes.

This is using a filter called "Daylight to Tungsten" in Nik Color Effex 3.0. It just added a more dramatic affect to the colors and more color to their faces. I also did a "Dynamic Skin Softener" filter on her face only to smooth out her skin.
This is the same photo I corrected but only with a "Enhanced Foilage" filter. You can see that the trees are more enhanced.

This is using a skylight filter at 37% opacity I used a "Soft Gold" filter on this picture. It gives them color to their face.

This picture was so fun to edit! I love this photo! Wonderful job. Here is the orignal. I love it the way it is!!

I did a "Tonal Contrast" on all my edits listed below. It gave a more dramatic appeal to the pants. I then did a "Dynamic Skin Softener" filter to the hands so that the contrast wasn't as sharp.

On this image I added the "Graduated Filter" Effect. It changed the coloring effect to the photo This photo I did a "High Key" filter. On this photo I did a "Bleach Bypass" filter. I did a "Skylight Filter" on this photo
I did a "Soft Gold Reflector Effect" on this photo

It's amazing how a simple filter can dramatically change the effect of your photo. I emailed you also so look in your email when you have a second! Pleae email me with any questions!
Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos with me! I loved them!!

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Life with Kaishon said...

Wow. Thanks Stephanie! I love how you made the circles under her eyes go away. That is what she does not want : ). The program looks great. Do you like it better than photoshop? Suki keeps telling me to get lightroom. Did I tell you that you could get lightroom now for free? You can download it until April when they will start charging. Drew told me about getting it for free. I just have 0 memory left on this computer so I can't get it. Maybe I will get a new computer for Christmas. Thanks so much for helping me. You are very kind : )

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