Saturday, December 12, 2009

Not so Near... but Dear to my heart!

Unfortunately they aren't as close to my home as I want them to be... but couldn't get any closer to my heart!

Since Jacob was born I started a tradition of buying each of my kids one Christmas ornament a year to put on our family tree. Every year they get to pick out one that is special to them. I added a few special ornaments to my family tree this year for the Lakhoua family! So every year I will remember this special family! (Not that I need an ornament to remember them) but it just is so special to me and since they are a part of my family now... they get to be a part of my family tree!!

What is your family Christmas tradition?


Amy said...

We do the ornament thing every year to put on the boys' tree. We have a ton of traditions. One that we have always done since the boys were babies, is light the Advent candle each week. It really prepares our heart for the meaning of Christmas. If the boys sit still and are quiet and listen, we reward them with another tradition...making gingerbread houses, go look at Christmas lights....many more. Fun times.

Taylor said...

Cute ornaments and a great tradition!

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