Friday, December 4, 2009

Every Princess Deserves A Castle!!

This is how I spent my day yesterday building my favorite little girls a castle! And this is my best cake yet! EVERYTHING on this cake is edible... minus the "towers of the castle!" I went to Zurcher's and found so many neat things to decorate a cake with.

I now understand why wedding cakes are ridiculously expensive. The hours it takes to bake, decorate and put together a cake is so time consuming. And my kitchen was such a disaster afterwards with icing and powdered sugar on every inch of counter space!

And I am so glad I took pictures prior to transferring the cake to the fridge in the garage because as I was moving the cake... some towers fell over... so now have some touch ups on the cake before tomorrow! My next question is how am I going to get this to the party location without it breaking! UGH! I have no idea! It broke on the way to the garage fridge and that's only a few steps let alone miles away!

So if you have seen this cake before... it is because I copied it! It is part of Wilton's Romantic Castle Kit and the same kit is on the front of the box. I just thought it was perfect the way it was so I re-created it!

The Castle Tops are made of purple fondant with glitter candy on the tops. I used almond extract to put the candy glitter on and it stayed on perfectly!

Wow! I just think it turned out so much better then I thought it would! I don't normally use icing on cakes because I think it is hard to decorate with. But got on you tube and watched some cake decorating videos for some tips.

Putting the cake together was fun! The flowers are just made of icing and I found these candy pearls for the middle of the flowers.
Here are the towers for the castle. Aren't they adorable!


Jenny and Kylie said...

SO KYLIE was so STOKED for her castsle cake... "MY CAKE MOMMA" thats all ive been hearing for the past 10 minutes...It looks beautiful you should make market it and sell those cakes

Melissa said...

Your so talented! This turned out awesome! Good luck with the travel tomorrow! Have a nice week-end!

Melissa said...

Steph!!!! That turned out so amazing!!! WOW! you have a real talent, girl!

Sure hope it survives the trip to the party locating! Have fun tomorrow!

Taylor said...

I am in awe lady! Your cakes keep getting better and better. You should really start selling them. I just ordered Taylors cake, wish I could make them like you.

Jeff and April said...

Thanks for smashing all confindence I had in myself of being a creative kid-cake maker. I think after seeing that I quit. Do you hire out?

Life with Kaishon said...

It is so amazing I can't even stand it. Like totally amazing. Wow. You are amazing. Very beautiful!

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