Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Another Birthday Project!

Okay so in the midst of planning a camping trip for my boys this weekend, packing, preparing food, potty training my 18 month old and my 19 month old niece, oh and don't forget my puppy, taking an online photography class, and trying to maintain my sanity I am also doing party planning for my 4 year old.

I actually love event planning and sadly for Jacob's party I was in a non party planning mood so we threw together some games and some balloons and called it a party! But for Ryan's party I have sooooo many ideas. So here is another game I put together. I also just purchased a Canon Photo Printer and I love it so much better then my 6 year old free dell printer I got with my computer (that is also 6 years old) Told you I am old school! I figured if it works and it does what I need to why replace it! My dad is the type that gets a new computer every 6 months he is so dissapointed in how is daughter turned out... He must be thinking... I thought I trained her better then that! :D

Oh by the way my Canon printer was also the $30.00 cheap deluxe from Wal-Mart. The printer I wanted was $500.00 but we will have to wait on that one amongst other things!!


I printed these Bingo cards on glossy photo paper so we can use them again over and over just for fun. I created 16 different versions of these Bingo cards so if anyone wants a copy for your kids let me know I will save them to my website and you can print them out.


Taylor said...

Love it! Very innovative. I bet they will love it, great job.

Melissa said...

That looks like it'll be super fun!

Yay for a new printer! We need one too.... Our old one is ok, but something that does more would be really nice! :) (Yes, we're kinda like your dad, but not quite that bad. We get a new computer probably every two years instead of every 6 months. LOL!)

Dea said...

hummmm, its not exposure compensation is it? I am a bit confused lol. Is it the same as shutter speed? or is it shutter speed and aperture together that make exposure? Cause i did shoot in manual and i know i adjusted a couple things with the dial,lol.

Dea said...

ok, i used that and looked up and couple things myself and i may be wrong but i do believe exposure and shutter speed are referring to the same thing but like i said, i am not positive. But if thats the case then i used, 1/2 sec. I thought i did that differently but my photo information said thats what i did. But i think, that i set it to bulb because when i was reading about the settings to use when shooting in manual it said something about using the setting called bulb for fireworks so thats what it could have been as well.

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