Friday, July 10, 2009

How I spent my day yesterday

Yesterday was a very busy day for me because I had a doctor appt. in the morning and had baking and packing to do before the boys took off camping.

First thing in the morning we did a little baking. Ever wonder how my kids look in the morning? This is sooc the camera... no touch ups or edits (Of course they needed photoshop on their side but mommy had not time!)

Here is Madison eating some brownie batter.

Look at that face... messy girl!

My husband is the worst at dressing the kids. Mismatched outfits, wrong sizes... I even made his life easier and color coordinated and labeled every hanger and drawer in the house for him so Ryan and Jacob's clothes wouldn't get mixed up but it still happnes. So to avoid that confusion this weekend I bagged every individual outfit and labeled them by name, type and day. This should work... I hope! I got this tip off of Jon and Kate Plus 8! It was a GREAT idea!

How can he possibly screw this up?

I even put Sunday's clothes on the very bottom so he doesn't have to dig for the days....

Making blueberry muffins with help from the wee ones.
Taking time for some potty training for the little girls. Aren't they adorable! THey are best friends! They share everything together even private moments like this! :D


Dea said...

That is a good idea! Hopefully it works for him, men sometimes! lol. And your daughter has such big blue eyes! Such cute pictures!

Taylor said...

LOL!! Love the baggied clothes. Madison looks like she is enjoying the batter. I hope your hubby gets the clothes right, like you said, how could he mess it up?

Love all the texture photos. I have never used multiple textures before either, you really do learn something new everyday!

Sarah said...

oh my gosh, the bags are too funny!! My dad was awful about dressing us wrong and I can remember my mom doing the same thing when she went out of town.. too bad she couldn't control the hair-care as well :) About the 4th pictures... yah, I may have a post up by august 4th!! Oh my gosh, I'm drowning in school work!!! :)

Jules said...

I love those pictures, so funny!
I keep finding more and more things that we have in common. I have also color coded everything in the house,lol, my husband is also terrible at dressing the kids, I love cake decorating and photography!
I do have to say though that I have not ever attempted fondant, but I think you did a beautifull job with it, and I can't wait to see your results with the mario one!!

Esther said...

I can't believe you individually packed each outfit....for camping! I think your just enabling him...hehe.

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