Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day 8- Class Project with Jessica Sprague- Using Fonts

Today I learned some pretty neat things on
I never knew how to download fonts... to be honest never tried... never cared... UNTIL NOW!

This site is awesome to download free fonts. I think I downloaded at least 20 of them today!

I am also in the process of uploading any textures that I have saved on my computer so if anyone is looking for textures you can download them from my site here.

These are some of my favorite textures!

This picture is of my girlfriend Carly. I did her graduation photos. Of course she is "lame!" (Just kidding) and graduated in Washington... and since I am a Boise State Fan I decided to put my logo on their instead of Washington's! Hope she doesn't mind! :D

My picture, My edit, MY WAY RIGHT!?!

Here is my edit with a cool Amsterdam Graffiti font that I downloaded along with 3 texture overlays.
Here is the original photo.

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Dea said...

haha, they are! And i do need one of those and i hope to get one eventually lol. You have no idea what happened to yours??

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