Thursday, July 16, 2009

Last Weekend- Roper Camping Trip

So far behind! But better late then never. This has been my catch up day. I am finally getting to the camping pictures of my husband, the boys and some of the Roper Family. I am too tired to post words.... so we will just upload pictures! It is past my bedtime... snooze!

My little sis is here tonight and when she saw this picture she said "I'm not a princess anymore... that's for babies...." LOL! I told her too bad! She is still my lil princess!
Jacob found this camping.... GROSS! I wonder where and how long it has been sitting there!
I guess Jacob took this picture of Ryan. I was a little nervous to hear the kids participated in some picture taking with my new camera... but it came back in one piece!

Here is Katelyn and Courtnee. Such cuties! Miss being skinny like that!
Here is Sydnee and Paige on the Kayak

I thought this picture was neat! Can you tell I am having fun with fonts today?

Here is my brother and sister in law's dog Ace. I just love how this edit turned out!

Here is Cody and his son Noble! I love father son moments
Close up of McKynlee. She looks annoyed... I don't think she wanted her picture taken
My adorable puppy Adda! So cute!

Jaedon, Jacob and Gavin on the 4-wheeler showing off their muscles!

Jacob and Jaedon... they play so well together! (well at least most of the time!)

Here is little monkey Katelyn

Love this picture... he is so handsome!
Here is one of their favorite Aunties! She spoils them rotten!

My niece Sydnee likes to capture slippery slimy things.... gross!

Here is Jacob wading the water

Here is Josh and his brother Jack hard at work!
His eyes make my heart melt against this bright blue chair!
Wow! Finally done... I think I had about 300 camping photos to sort through. But these were some of my favorites!


Mandy, Dustin and Thomas said...

Great pictures! Looks like everyone had fun!

Taylor said...

Looks like they had a great time. Love all the pics and the edits. Isn't Dafont the best! I found it 4 weeks ago through my Elements magazine and have downloaded hundreds of fonts since then LOL. So glad you got the photoshop 7, have fun downloading!

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