Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day 7- Class Project with Jessica Sprague- TTV & Mega-Challenge

I am so far behind... I think I have 3-4 days to catch up on! Thankfully Jessica Sprague understands that moms aren't perfect and have millions of other things to do.... and keeps her lessons posted 24/7 to do later!

So in this lesson with we used old vintage TTV layers on our photos. We used the mulitiply feature on layers and also practiced some more with our brushes.

Took me awhile on this lesson because guess what I bought this weekend! Photoshop 7.0.... ebay $50.00 special.... I refuse to pay retail! But I was downloading brushes because you can't download them for 2.0 these days the program is just too outdated! Both these pictures were taken at the Eagle Fun Days Parade.



I found lots of free brushes here at What I like about this site is you can filter out by the Photoshop software you own and download brushes that will work for your software. So easy, so fun and so cool!


Taylor said...

Great Edits! These 2 sites are also great for brushes. I don't think there is a serach filter (never looked) but almost all of the ones I have downloaded worked. Just type in the search bar what you are looking for

Beverly said...

great photo, you did such a good job

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