Thursday, July 23, 2009

Building cross from my Doctor's Office

My doctor's building is in downtown Boise and everytime I have an appointment I keep forgetting to bring my camera. I love the building across the street. It is an 80 year old building and it reminds me of an old university. It has these beautiful vines growing up the face of the building.

Isn't this building absolutely amazing!

This view was fromt he parking garage. You can see the mountains in the background. I wish the sky was a little bit prettier... but maybe next time.

Some flowers nearby
My digitally enhanced sky! :D Loving the sunflare and the silhouette


Taylor said...

That bulilding is just beautiful! Love all the editing you did with the shots! I signd up for the brushes class at Jessica Sprague, how about you?

kimber said...

WOW! That really is an incredible building, and I love your edits of it. So cool!

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