Thursday, July 23, 2009

Settlers Park in Meridian

So today before we went to help out my sisters with there sick ones we went to Settler's Park to play. It was supposed to be a scorching 104 degrees today but I think the high was only 97 (which was still hot). We played in the water mostly to cool ourselves off and then the boys begged me to let them get a snowcone. Being the pushover that I am I let them! :D

After the park I got to take Jacob school shopping for the first time! Call me lame but I was sooooo excited. I always thought getting school supplies when I was a kid was the coolest thing ever! They had crayola crayons for 20 cents at shopko and markers for 99 cents! Ryan even got to participate. I let him get whatver Jacob got. He was just so ecstatic! It was so fun coming home and organizing their little pencil boxes!

Just look at those gorgeous eye lashes!

My kids are always begging me to take pictures with my camera. And sometimes I let them (rarely)! But maybe I need to allow them to do it more often because this is the picture Ryan took of all of us. My head is cut off and so is Kylie's! Too funny! If he is going to be a child of mine he better learn how to take a picture!
And here is one of Jacob's photo... not sure what he was trying to do... maybe add a little creativity? But Ryan got cut off too?

Here is one Jacob took.... At least I was paying attention!

Here is Jacob slipping away on his slurpy. I love this photo in B&W!
My handsome little stud...
Madison was trying to give her hugs.... so sweet!
Jacob and Kylie at the fountain

Kylie was having a good time splashing away.
Okay so I bought this hat at Wal-Mart the other day because I know this adorable little girl named Taylor who wears a new hat every day. I love how much it enhances photos! So me being a copy cat decided to buy Madison one. I didn't realize until my husband pointed it out that it is a size 4T!!! Oooops! Yeah... total blonde moment.... or maybe total pregnant moment.... or maybe both! :D


Taylor said...

Looks like a great place! I bet they had fun. I love the last picture but of course all of them a great. I still can't believe you are pregnant with twins! Where are they? You look amazing!

kimber said...

Oh man these are truly awesome. They did a great job! You know what? I REALLY like the one where your head is cut off. It looks like it was a purposeful it could be in a magazine or something! It's fantastic! And you're pregnant with TWINS!!??? I didn't know! Congratulations!!!

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