Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Day 3- Class Project with Jessica Sprague- Adjustment Layers, Colorizing and Hand Brushing

Today with Jessica Sprague's online class I learned some incredible new things! I have never really worked in photoshop. Mostly because I found using filters created some of the same effects and combing multiple filters created even cooler effects.

But now that I am understanding photoshop a little better I just may have to start working more with it!

Has anyone heard of Adjustment Layers? If you have you are probably wondering how I worked so long withouth them... I am asking myself the same thing! It is AMAZING! If you don't know how to use them shoot me a comment I would be happy to let you know! It is the coolest thing on photoshop!

I also learned blending modes and combing layers with a soft light to create an antique look.

I chose a picture of Adda for this one! I just love this photo of her and I loved the blue background and I thought it would be awesome to try and do some cool hand brushing on this picture.

Here is a quick run down on what I did

1) I did an adjustment layer and desaturated photo to -70
2) I did another adjustment layer and selected the colorize box and then did a hue of 36
3) I did some hand brushing teqhniques on the eyes (They are blue now like they used to be when she was a puppy (miss those baby blues!)) and I also did handbrushing around the blue wall and the nose ( I added in some pink).
4) I did a soft light and adjusted the opacity where needed
5) Looked in AWWW of my creation!



Our last task was to use all the teqhniques taught. So there is a texture overlay, a frame and stamp added to this photo.

Imagine the possibilities with Adjustment Layers! Before I would hand edit EVERY STINKING photo... but now with adjustment layers you create something you like, give it a name, save it in a PSD format and BAM! Instant photo editing without the extra work! All you do is insert the photo you want into your presets. I always wondered how people did this stuff.... This is the best day ever!! :D


Abby*Lane said...

Wow, girl!! You're doing great! I mean this as lovingly as possible... the new edits are so much better! Seriously, great job!! I'm going to have to check out who Jessica Sprague is now :)

Taylor said...

Looks awsome!! Are you using Photoshop or photoshop elements? I had no idea you didn't use photoshop! That must have been a lot of editing! Now you will have so much fun experimenting with actions! I can't wait to see more. Now you know how I did that picture of Taylor and the horse in the muted tones.

Dea said...

Thanks! I suppose they werent to bad, but i do like yours a lot better! I dont know what exposure i used, I used all the settings you posted, like shutter speed and aperture but i didnt know how to do exposure....???
And i love the edit you did! It turned out so well! And the bingo cards...cute!

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