Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fourth of July Fireworks Photos

I will post my fourth of July events later but I couldn't wait to post my fireworks pictures

Here was my experience with shooting fireworks

For next year here is my list of must haves for fireworks photos

1) Another helping hand :) Hard to shoot fireworks with kids always bumping your tripod or telling you the fireworks is hurting there ears and I had to cover them up for them!!!

2) A remote cable. Even though I had a tripod I still had to push the button so there was more movement that in the pictures then I would have liked and my self timer was 10 seconds long so to hard to calculate the pictures! I am sure there was another self timer option but I didn't have enough time to research... I should have been more prepared.

3) A better location... I broke one of my rules and was next to a lampost. It added more light to my photos then I wished for... so thank you photoshop! I also thought the pictures would have been over the trees more then they were... but they weren't... but there is always next year! Better planning on my part!

But regardless it was soooo much fun and a learning experience for me.

Here were my settings on my camera

ISO 200
Exposure 4 seconds
Focus Infinity
F stop of 8

Also I found out when it was too late that during the finale I would have changed my settings to ISO 100 and maybe 1/2 of a second because it was to bright for my current settings. But by the time I realized it the finale was over!!!

Can't wait to see your photos of fireworks! :D

This photo was part of the finale. See how bright the fireworks were? Next year I will change my exposure and my ISO.
But for my first time I guess I shouldn't complain! You are your own biggest critic!


Taylor said...

Great shots! They are all so pretty!

MMM said...


Boybarian Dad said...

These are nice, great job.

Dea said...

I love the way they turned out! Great work! You certainly had better luck than i did!

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