Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Sleeping Beauty

My poor baby... sick again. It always happens when dad leaves town. What is up with this year and being sick for my family. Somehow Josh and I have bypassed most of it but my kids pick up everything that comes around. Yesterday Madison kept going to the garage door and knocking on it asking for daddy. She kept bringing me my phone asking for daddy. It was so sad and so heartbreaking. She fussed all day. But fortunately she napped three times allowing me to get SOME things done around the house. I couldn't resist taking pictures of her sleeping yesterday. She looked so sweet and innocent laying there. If only she woke up that way!


Taylor said...

Poor wee thing! I hope she feels better soon. She does look so adorable sleeping but she always looks that way. I thought someone might not be feeling well when you hadn't posted in a while. Get well soon Madison.

Dea said...

AWW! Poor lil girl! Hope she gets to feeling better really soon!

Melissa said...

Hope this doesn't last too long for her...have a great week-end!

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