Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Day 2- Class with Jessica Sprague - BRUSHES IN PHOTOSHOP

It is actually Day 3 today... but just a little behind over here! Still have one more day to do!

So in today's class with Jessica Sprague I learned a new technique with Photoshop. We learned how to download and use brushes in photoshop... except the only thing I learned is how "OLD SCHOOL" I actually am. I realized that my free copy of Elements 2.0 that my father gave me when he bought CS3 is sooooooooo outdated that you can't hardly even download brushes for this software anymore. YIKES!! So I had to copy her brushes and paste them in a layer instead of "STAMPING" them into a new layer from my brushes tool box. A few extra steps... but IT STILL WORKED!!

My next investment.... Elements 7 (because CS3 and 4 is way too expensive for my blood!) Or I could wait another 5 years for my father to give me his outdated version of CS3 when he upgrades to the newest one.... LOL!!!

But here are some before and afters of my beautiful niece Abby.



and for those of you are actually up to date in life Jessica Sprague said a good place to download free brushes for personal use into Photoshop Elements and CS3 or CS4 is here If you need help downloading them into Photoshop I can let you know. Surprisingly it is really easy!

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Taylor said...

LOL, disregard my question in day 3 about what photoshop you are using! Can you tell I was reading them backwards? As you already now I have been having fun with brushes already LOL!! Love your pic!

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