Monday, July 6, 2009

Homemade Birthday Invitation and Candy Wrapper Print Outs!

Seriously I am too cheap to spend $14.99 on invitations for my sons party. I would rather spend two hours at the computer creating my own "look alike!" My husband says "Just spend the money, it's not worth your time!"

But now that I am done I am so excited to show it off! This is so much better then buying your own because you made it special for your monster almost 4 year old! :D

If anyone is a Mario Party Fan and wants a free PSD file on this let me know I will email it to you! I think they are soooooo adorable!

My idea came from
She has some super amazing creations!

I also found a site called where they show you how to make your own printable candy wrappers. These only took like 10 minutes to make. These are for the minature candies. I can't wait for his party! I have so many fun ideas! I will post a picture of the cake I plan on making maybe tomorrow. I love to make fondant cakes and I found one online I can't wait to do!


Melissa said...

Wow Steph you go all out now don't you! What a fun mommy you are! Where do you find the time!? Look forward to seeing all the birthday pic's!

Life with Kaishon said...

How fun is this?

Melissa said...

that is so fun!!! great job on the invite! Looks like it will be a blast!

Taylor said...

Love it! So fun and great work.

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