Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Poor Little Babies!

Here is another picture from today that I took. Isn't this so amazing! I love it!

Even when my kids are sick... they still look good! :D So glad that everyone in my family is feeling better. Just found out my two sisters and my two nieces are now sick with what we had.... It is soooo contagious... thank God it only lasts 8-10 hours... I went over to my sisters house today to help them out since they were sick too. I felt so bad for my nieces... I hate when kids are sick.

Even though my little man was sick... he saw me take a picture and smiled at me! He is so tough!

Here he is watching Little Joe on Veggie Tales! He loves that one. His favorite Veggie Tales Song is "I dont' have a Belly Button!" He knows all the words and usually will sing along and dance with them.

Sleeping like a baby with with her teddy.

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Taylor said...

Poor things! I'm glad they are feeling better.

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