Friday, July 3, 2009

Fix-It #19 - Hands-On Photo Editing!

Yeah it is fix it friday at! Since I don't have any of my own photos to edit these days I may as well edit others! I cannot find the time to take photos or the desire (mostly!)

Here are my edits
1) Sharpened the photo
2) Enhanced Eyes
3) Adjusted the contrast
4) Slight glamour glow and softened skin tones
5) turned to black and white with pop of "pink"
6) Did a vigenette blur around outside
7) Cropped photo
8) Added a card with her name

The second I did a little black and white with pink (Same photo as above minus the glamour glow)

Same photo as before only no black and white effect

Here is the original photo.


Katelyn said...

Wow, great work! I really like the card, beautiful :) Thanks for participating, Brooklyn and I appreciate it!

Dea said...

I like your edits, nice work!

kimber said...

Really really beautiful!! I just love your work. GREAT job!

Sheri said...

I love the card. Great edits!

Jenny said...

I love the card, it's adorable!

MMM said...

Thanks for all of your comment....they really help me look at my work helps me to become better and improve when i have others giving me advice and giving there opinions....Thanks a bunch

P.S. your new posts look really nice. i wish i could do people like you do people, but then again i have only been into photography for a year....someday i hope to be that good but its something i have to work twords.....keep up the good work...!!!

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