Friday, July 17, 2009

Day 10- Class Project with Jessica Sprague- Overlays, Textures, Fonts, Brushes & Adjustment layers all in one!

This picture was taken in Sayulita Mexico a few years ago. These tiny little butterflies were all around us that day. I think I waited (im)patiently for over 20 minutes for one to land in front of my lens so I could get a picture. It made me appreciate nature photographers because it wasn't an easy shot but definately worth the wait!

I do have a question for anyone out there. Can brushes be rotated? Sometimes the swirls are the wrong way but I am assuming you can't flip them. But if so share your secrets with me! :D



Taylor said...

Yes! Do you have photoshop 7.0 or elements 7? I'm not sure if it is the same in 7.0 but in elements. Once you click on the brush a selection menu comes up at the top of the window wher you can change the brush size and opacity. At the end there is a picture of a brush if you click on that a little menu will pop up and at the bottom of the window is a circle with a cross through it. You can click and move that around or you can enter in the degree of the angle you want. Great edit BTW. I did mine a bit differently because my picture didn't suit the "Life is" thing. I love your picture too, so pretty!

kimber said...


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