Sunday, June 21, 2009

Eagle Fun Days Parade

I look forward to this parade every year! It is probably one of my most favorite events of the summer. This parade is so fun because the last half of the parade is the water fight. The crowd pulls out there water guns and hoses and fight against the floats and the fire department... Can you guess who wins every year! We are at a disadvantage but it is still fun!

No pictures of the water fight though. I didn't want my Nikon to get ruined (yet!) J/K!

Here are a ton of pictures from the parade. We had so much fun spending time as a family. Here is a picture of Jacob. He got a water yo-yo from one of the vendors.

I think the rubberband lasted maybe five minutes before it broke off... then it fell and broke....
Here is Ryan at a craft table making a notepad

An old sign found in downtown Eagle

I think this building was so neat looking! I loved all their decorations...

My three favorite boys! This picture is so adorable of them

Ryan is my future race car driver!

Aren't old cars so neat to photograph!

So neat! I love classic cars.

Here are some new shoes I bought at a vendor table for $5.00! Aren't they the cutest! Love flip-flops and diamonds!

She loves her candy!

I just love her eyes! She really is a adorable little thing...

Miss Idaho... getting rained on! Hopefully she is wearing water proof mascara

I got this photo idea from Boybarian Dad. I met him on I Heart Faces. I recently saw him take a picture similar and thought it was such a great idea!

Poor Adda getting picked on by Aunt Melissa!

I can't wait until Madison is old enough to do ballet!

So tuckered out! She had a long day! She got so much attention. Everyone had to stop and pet her.

Is he crazy or what! Would you attempt this on a moving vehicle?

LOL! I love this! Such a weird photo

He saw me take his picture and so he had to do something silly

Pretty horse! I wish I had one!

Here is my niece enjoying the parade! She couldn't take her eyes off everything!

So that is all for now! I think I am mostly caught up... at least for now! I think that is 6 blogs in one day! That is a new record for me!


Liz (Loving Mom 2 Boys) said...

Those pictures are great!! It looks like a wonderful fun parade!!

Taylor said...

That looked like so much fun. Love the super cute flip flops! That picture of your hubby and the boys is so sweet.

Jules said...

Hey there!
I was just going to let you know on, they are having an "anti-gravity" photo contest. I think the ones with the clown are so awsome, and would do realy well if you entered one of them. My personal favorite is the one of him just sitting in the sky horizontally. Looks so cool!
Anyway, I love all your latest posts!

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