Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Meeting Baby Abby!

My best friend Jody just had a little girl about six weeks ago. Her name is Abigail. She is such a sweet little thing, (Aren't they always at this age though!) I love the baby cry, the baby grunts and giggles. It ALMOST makes me want another of my own... but not quite! My best friend lives in Oregon so I am finally just getting to meet her.

She is in town for a few days and I can't wait to do a photo shoot of her little angel tomorrow. We had dinner with a few friends yesterday and all got to spoil and love on baby Abby. Isn't she just a doll! Her brother Alex is such a proud big brother and was always by her side making sure we were nice to his little sister!

I think she was searching for something in this photo... but poor Aunt Jessey had nothing to offer! LOLAunt Jessey and baby Abby
Here is Big Brother Alex... or the minature version of Wade (His daddy)

Baby yawns are soooo cute!


Amy said...

Wow! Alex does look like Wade! I finally got to see Wade for the first time since he moved to OR last week. I have only seen Jody once and that was at the shower you gave her when she was pregnant with Wade. Tell Jody I said hello!

Dea said...

Thank you, I really hope thats true! And i really do love kids I think thats why i hope to become a preschool teacher but we will see. And I entered into I heart faces finally! Ive been so busy! I love the pictures you took of that darling lil girl! So cute!

Taylor said...

What a little doll!

Melissa said...

Awwh she is a little punkin! Great captures!

Kristin said...

ohh, the faces babies make are so adorable!

Jules said...

What a cute baby!
So how far along are you with your friends babies? I think it is realy neat what you are doing!!

Dea said...

Thank you! Its one of my favorites as well. I just got real lucky. My cousins picked it up and i had my camera right there! It also may have been injured a little because it didnt fly away quickly all though it did eventually it had some problems. And I wouldnt freeze them! Thats so sad! And i love the picture so much i havent had the heart to edit it. I am sure it could be better but i love it anyway!

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