Wednesday, June 17, 2009

KODAK ESP 9 All-in-One- Printer Giveaway

Look at what Kodak is giving away! All you have to do is go to and enter to win. Just visit the Kodak store and then comment in I heart faces comment area what you like the best at Kodak and you can be entered to win. What a great deal!


Taylor said...

Thank-you, you are too kind! I look at everyone else's pictures and think of how much I wish I could take pictures like that. I guess we are our own worse critics though LOL. Goodluck with the printer, I hope you win it.

Amy said...

The boys are loving it here. The adjust has been really well. They have enjoyed playing outside like boys should. Our church is full of couples in their 30's with little kids. The children's dept is busting at the seams there are so many. So they have more friends there. I am almost done putting this house together. They are finishing up our kitchen today so I'm hoping tomorrow, my kitchen will get put together. I have boxed in there still. I will take before and after pictures. Well, befores have already been taken. It looks like a brand new house with new carpet, paint and a new kitchen.

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