Saturday, June 6, 2009

and last but not least... our little pain in the butt puppy Adda!

It has been full of surprises with a puppy in the house. Puzzle pieces are missing and chewed up when found back. She likes to sleep in my clean laundry basket, she attacks my feet and hair at night while I am trying to sleep. She wimpers if no one is around. She steals food out of Madison's hands... she hides under furniture and attacks your ankles when you walk by, she tries to chew the legs of my furniture (argh!) and she leaves me treasures all over my floor.

But we love her anyways! She is lucky she is cute! :D

Look how sweet and innocent I look!
Looking around for something to chew on...
Oh here we go, a plastic cup!

This is better then puzzle pieces....
maybe better then the food I steal out of Madison's hands... and I don't get in trouble when I chew on this thing!
Is it just me or does my husband look like he is giving me the finger?


Taylor said...

LOL about the ankle attacks! I can just picture it.

BTW - I think you just might be getting the finger LOL!!

Melissa said...

What a Q T PIe!

Kristin said...

I love these pictures! Puppies are so much fun...and so much work! (similar to babies, I guess! lol)

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