Saturday, June 6, 2009

Did you know a spider could do this!

I woke up this morning and noticed Ryan couldn't open his left eye. I assumed it was pink eye at first until I looked at it and his eye wasn't pink nor crusty. Then I thought maybe he got hit in the eye yesterday but he said he didn't and that it didn't hurt, nor was there any bruising. The only thing that there was, was swelling.

I researched online what it could be. It said that it was a possibility it was Hay Fever... which would make sense since two days ago we were playing on hay stacks. So I gave him some benadryl and didn't think much more of it.

Well a little while later two spots above his eyes (Almost like pimples) showed up only they weren't red but were hard when you touched them. So Mr. Handy Daddy pulled out his magnifying glass and checked out the bumps. Each bump had to red dots on them. Some gross discusting totally icky spider bit my son twice! It must have been a tiny thing because you can barely see the bite marks on the bumps!

It doesn't hurt him at least... but poor kid looks goofy...
Here I told him to open both his eyes... look at the effort it took him!
You can see the swelling on his eye here. He is also holding a rollie pollie
Even with one eye... he is still handsome


Taylor said...

Oh my, poor thing! I'm so glad it doesn't hurt him. I hope the swelling goes down soon.

Dea said...

Ahh poor kid! At least it doesnt hurt. and he is still to cute! And thats what we are thinking, it just really stinks! I would be so happy if it does but i have the feeling it wont =[

Melissa said...

Oh wow who knew!

Kristin said...

Oh, poor baby! I see from the roly poly shot that he doesn't have a problem with bugs as a result! :)

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